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Over the course of time I have amassed a HUGE collection of dog-related designs of all types.  I do NOT sell the designs, only my work in stitching out the designs on various items.  Some of the most FAQs concerning embroidery are:

Q:  Do you stitch out a design on a customer item or are your designs simply made into patches?

A:  I stitch out the requested design on whatever the customer wants it on ~ within reason of course.  (Eg, I can't and don't stitch out designs on the toes of sneakers or other such places as would be impossible to get to.)  There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for stitching a design on a customer's item ~ unless of course I have to, say, take apart a jacket with fur lining in order to stitch the design on the back of a leather coat.  If a design is requested on a sleeve and the sleeve of the item MUST be taken apart to do the embroidery, there MAY be a minimal extra charge for the sewing required but any extra charges are ALWAYS discussed and agreed to in advance of stitching.

Q:  How does a customer get their item to you for embroidery?

A:  If the customer wants a design stitched on, say a jacket, sweatshirt or even a pair of jeans ~ they simply send the item to me (at their cost) via US Priority Mail so there's a tracking number to locate the item.  On receipt, I email the customer, confirm the request, ask any needed or desired questions and then do the stitching.  Once completed, I email a pic of the finished product along with a PayPal invoice (which will include shipping costs back to them), they pay the invoice and I ship their item to them immediately.

Q:  How long does it take to get something embroidered?

A:  Embroidery completion turn around time generally runs about 2 or 3 days once I receive (or obtain) the item and have it in hand and ready to stitch.  Actual turn around time is, obviously, dependant on my current workload & schedule, but most often I try to get items embroidered the day of receipt or the next day for sure; this helps me to stay on top of my workload and not get back logged.  (Christmas time is totally whacko tho so any personalized embroidered gifts need to be ordered and begun mid-November.)

Q:  ...Question here....

A:  ....Answer...

stitch out thFor stitching on an item the customer is requesting I obtain:

For creating a sew-on or "iron on" patch:

is it just a patch?


Meet my dog "Jack".  Jack is my Service Dog who also competes in conformation, obedience and is currently enjoying exploring Agility.  On his first trip to a lure coursing event a couple of years ago, it was  unmistakably clear he wanted to "get that bunny!" and would have nothing less than to try his qualifying runs!  He not only qualified, but quickly earned his JC, now has his SC and easily working his way towards his MC title.  Because Jack's entire nature is to 'serve' (making him an excellent Service Dog), he may never earn his FC... but that in no way means d'boy can't course.  He's had many a "Secretariat" runs which are a thrill to watch as he outruns FCs, literally leaving them in his dust, as he performs his pack service of catching the lure.  Makes no difference to me if he never earns his FC ~ he luvs to run & course so in the words of another:  "He does SO much for me ~ I do THIS (lure coursing) for HIM!"



All of my products are handmade by myself unless otherwise noted (eg, most baseball type hats are a purchase of a blank hat that I then embroidery).  I do NOT outsource any sewing or embroidery and I alone do all of the work necessary to complete items as well as developing this website.  Many of my products come from suggestions by other lure coursing participants whom I have or am sewing for (fabric, leather and other heavy duty items), or whom I do leather work and/or embroidery for.  I believe strongly in offering only high quality, top notch products which have been "field tested" by myself or others.

In developing my products, I may have used ideas from others but I have made and refined my own patterns from scratch, perfecting them for the ultimate comfort of the dog and ease of use by the dog handler ~ many times via personal feedback from lure coursing dog owners.

So please feel free to review all of my Products, bookmark this site and come back often as I am in continual development of this site (at the same time as making products), and also to email me with any questions or suggestions you might have.

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