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About Me

Thanks for wanting to know about me.  Here's some general info:

How did I get started making the Products on this website?

Its all Jack's fault!  lol    Who's Jack?  Well, here... meet my dog "Jack".  Jack was my Service Dog who also competed in conformation, obedience and even briefly explored Agility.  On his first trip to a lure coursing event many years ago, it was  unmistakably clear he wanted to "get that bunny!" and would have nothing less than to try his qualifying runs!  He not only qualified, but quickly earned his JC, then on to his SC and was working his way towards his MC title before he passed.  Because Jack's entire nature was to 'serve' (making him an excellent Service Dog), I accepted that he would probably never earn his FC... but that in no way meant d'boy couldn't course.  He's had his "Secretariat" runs which are a thrill to watch as literally left everyone in his dust but for the most part he coursed as a pack member clearly displaying "it's OK... you guys go ahead and I'll be right here close by in case it gets away from you; not a problem as I can catch it for you at any moment it might get away."  It never made any difference to me whether he earned his FC or not ~ he luved to run & course so in the words of another:  "He does SO much for me ~ I do THIS (lure coursing) for HIM!"


After seeing how much Jack loved lure coursing, I naturally set about looking for all of the gear he would need to continue to compete.  Searching online, I couldn't find any one site where I could get a variety of products I needed ~ or wanted... especially in his size.  In my internet searching, I also discovered that the domain name of  lurecoursingger.com was available ~ so I snapped it up and this site began.  That was back in 2013.

Where I am located and my 'store structure'

I am in Arizona, USA.  I am elderly, retired and live in a location where the Sedona Red Rock mountain range is visable from my living room front window.  All of my products are personally handmade by me at my home.  I do NOT outsource any sewing or embroidery and I alone do all of the work necessary to complete items as well as developing this website.  Many of my products come from suggestions by other lure coursing participants who know I sew (fabric, leather and other heavy duty items), do leather work and embroidery.  I believe strongly in offering only high quality, top notch products which have been "field tested" by myself or others.

In developing my products, I may have used general ideas from others but I have made and refined all of my own patterns from scratch, perfecting them for the ultimate comfort of the dog and ease of use by the dog handler ~ many times via personal feedback from lure coursing dog owners.

So please feel free to review all of my Products, bookmark this site and come back often as I am in continual development of this site (at the same time as making products), and also to email me with any questions or suggestions you might have.

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