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For the Dog
Lure Coursing Blankets
  Cape Style
  Fitted Elastic
  Tuxedo Style
Slip Leads
  Suede Embroidered
Cooling Items
  Cool Coats
  Cooling Mats
Gear Bags
  Blankets Bag
  AllAccessoryGear Bag
Crate Paw Guards
Dog Backpacks

For Dog Owners

  Bucket Hats
  Sunglasses Visor
Tote Bags
  Carry All
  Zippered Clutch
Cooling Apparelle
  Neck Coolers
  SweatBand Headbands
  NeckWarmers for Winter
Vehicle Organizers
  (over-the-seat pockets)
  Leash Organizer
Home Decos
  Candle Holders
    Note Pads
    Magnet Noteholders
  Kitchen Items
    T Towels
    Towel & Sets
    Bath Mitt
Yard Decos
  Wind Socks
  Weather Veins
  Whirley Gigs
  Door Stops
  Water Fountain
    (dog lifting leg)

Events & Organizers
Event Prizes
  Crate Pads/Quilts
  Dog Coats
  Leather Key Fobs
  Any of the Above
  Your Suggestion??
Event "Helpers"
  Field Master Apron
  Volunteer Hats
  Info or Directional Flags
Event Patches
  Event Specific
  Award Type
  General Dog Specific
Judge's Gifts
Ceramic Creations
Mal's Metals
Silk Screening
Heat Press Items
Custom Embroidery

One Of A Kind Fun & Miscellaneous

Welcome to Products! 

All of my products are handmade by myself.  I've spent a lifetime sewing and/or designing various types of items from leather to wood, heat press, silk screening to just about anything imaginable.  I'm retired and now only make things that I enjoy making.  I'm always open to new ideas or suggestions too.  Plus I always welcome comments on items I already make to refine them for their better use or performance.

The Directory to the left of this paragraph will give you an idea of some of the items I make specifically for all aspects of Lure Coursing and those who participate in this wonderful sport, many custom embroidered with the Club or Event's name.  Some items (such as Lure Coursing Blankets) are "In Stock" and ready for immediate shipping; some items require 2 to 3 days to complete after order as I'm not a brick & mortar store... just an ole retired professional designer seamstress who keeps busy sewing primarily to use up my supply of fabric, leather, hardware and products remaining from many years before.

If you see something you really want ~ best to get it now as I enjoy changing out my products and selections regularly.  It sometimes gets bored making the same/same and, like I said above, I spend my free time making only fun items.

For The Dogs

Lure Coursing Blankets

Slip Leads

Cooling Items

Gear Bags
Muzzles Crate Shade Covers

Crate Paw Guards


For The Dog Owners

Sun Hats & Visors Tote Bags Cooling Apparel
Home Decos Yard Decor

For Events & Organizers

Event Prizes Event "Helpers" Event Patches
Judge Specific Prizes
Silk Screening Heat Press Custom Embroidery

One of a Kind Items
(aka... I had a wild hairbrain idea and decided to make it!)

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and frequently change, update or delete

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