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Slip Leads

(My apologies for not having this page
completed as of this day you're viewing it ~
just not enough time in the day &
every slip lead I make is sold
almost as soon as its finished.
Good for me ~ bad for this webpage)

Slip Lead Sizing
Webbing Slip Leads (Ready Made & Made to Order)
Leather Sheepskin lined
Suede Embroidered
Specialty 1-Of-A-Kind ('hair on' & specialty printed leathers)


An assortment of ready made and made to order webbing slip leads


Leather "Forever"

Suede Embroidered

Slip Lead Sizing

First things first ~ let's figure out what size your dog needs:

Grab your tape measure and measure your dog's neck as shown on the right.  Make your measurement with the tape measure secure around the dog's neck ~ but not tight.

Now:  subtract AT LEAST 4" from that measurement.  THAT (or slightly less) IS THE SIZE OF SLIP LEAD YOU NEED!

However, if you'd prefer to email me for a recommendation for an exact fit ~ please measure your dog per the above and include that measurement & breed information in your email.

Why subtract 4"?  This -4" measurement will give you plenty of room to cinch up the slip lead on the dog securely at the start line and prevent it from getting loose as well as provide a quick & easy release for the dog without interference of the slip lead with your dog as it takes off too.  My personal experience is that its much better to have a slip lead that is an inch or so shorter than the above measure of the slip lead you need so please order accordingly... going to the next size up is not advisable.  Again, you want as much cinch as possible.  (And if your dog is anything like mine ~ at the line excited, eager, a big strong boy rearing up pawing the air like a horse would do and screeching to be let go ~ you'll need as much 'cinch up' as possible to help you hold the bugger in place til the "Tally Ho"  ... lol)

Slip leads are measured from the ends of the "D" Rings at each end.

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Webbing Slip Leads

Ready Made:  I rarely make one of each design in every size.  I will make a point of getting individual pics of various sizes immediately available for purchase on this page.

As of this moment, I only have a pic to show you a recent assortment of types of slip leads I make.  This pic is mid construction, but I completed them all, put them on a display along with an earlier selection and they were immediately available for sale when I am vending last week.

Hopefully this pic will at least give you a good idea of the variety, styles & sizes for the time being.

There's 'regular' webbing with ribbon decorations, conchos, etc.  There's also leather, sherpa lined, with conchos, studs and various other decorations.

Because I make everything, I find it a lot more fun for me to make a wide variety of slips.  Apparently customers do too as most often I come home and need to start creating another selection again to fill my display for the next event.

Check back soon for individual designs & sizes available for sale.  Thanks in advance for your anticipated patience & understanding.

PayPal Button will be here for each slip lead available.


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Leather Sheepskin Lined "Forever Slips"

Leaving the collar as "raw" veggie tanned leather affords the opportunity to customize your leather collar in many ways.  Add your own design, dog or kennel name, paint, draw with permanent pens, markers, glue some bling to it ~ however you would like your own leather slip lead to look.  (Detailed written instructions on customization are provided with each leather slip lead.)

On the 4' leash ~ I apply a double conditioning of only an oil based leather conditioner.


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Suede Embroidered

Going thru my 'stash' of leather I found 5 hides... not pieces... HIDES... of thick, bright vivid colors of suede.  I decided to see if my embroidery machine could handle the suede and ~ voille' ~ it did!  These are the colors available.

Size Width Length
(from ends of each D ring)
XXLarge by special order only

Please email me if there's a custom design or lettering you'd like to have embroidered on your suede slip lead.


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SPECIALTY One of A Kind Slip Leads

PICs here

I also found an unusual group of 'hair on' and specialty printed leathers in my 'stash' too.  I decided to make some very special slip leads using these specialty leathers too.  I've tried to make these slip leads in an assortment of sizes below and have only enough of these specialty leathers to make an different size ~ so if you see something you like, be sure to email me with your order right away.  Once these specialty leathers are gone, that's it!  =)

The leads are made of double thickness, stitched "oh so soft to the touch & hand" black deer tanned cow hide and are a minimum of 4' long.  The "D" rings are welded steel.


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