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Lure Coursing Blankets
sometimes called "jackets" or "racing colors"

3 different styles
3 different fabrics
and 5 different sizes



First things first - Because the correct fit is so important, here's a whole bunch of SIZE info.  Its so easy to avoid being disappointed in getting your new blankets only to find out they don't fit/they're the wrong size.  Its frustrating, time consuming, & can be expensive in postage fees too.  All of that can easily be avoided by one simple thing:  measure your dog!  Even if you already think you know what size of blanket your dog will need, measure your dog anyway - make sure MY sizes fit as you want them to.

ALL of my patterns
for each style and size
have been specifically designed
based on the girth of the dog

If the girth of your dog measures somewhere between the numbers shown on this chart: you may want to consider if your dog is:

  • young and will grow a lot more, you may want to go to the next size larger
  • a bit shy on the field or maybe could benefit from the close fit of its blankets for comfort or 'support' (similar to how a Thundershirt type garment might fit), you may want to go to the next size smaller

You will know what your dog will benefit from wearing.  =)   But, feel free to email me with any question(s) or concern(s) you might have about a size and/or style for your dog.

For your convenience:  This is a commonly circulated Breed Size Chart.  My blankets fit the average standard sizes of the breeds listed - but again MEASURE your dog and go by the above girth measurements is the best policy.

A lot of words about measuring - I know ... but it is SO IMPORTANT to get it right!   As an example: While the fit of the lure coursing blanket is solely the owner's preference, the sizes indicated above generally reflect a "close to the body without being tight" comfortable fit for the breeds listed.  The picture to the side of this paragraph shows I had a VERY large male Ridgeback and I put an XL on him for a much looser fit overall rather than the fabric being up against his body.  A Large size would fit him perfectly ~ like a glove without being too tight ~ but I choose an XL because the fabric actually appears loose enough to very slightly hang away from his body yet the elastic around all openings keeps his blankets fitting close to his body so it does not flap in the breeze, shifting during hard full-out running and is not loose enough anywhere for the fabric to catch on anything... that's just my preference for his overall comfort.

(When I say I had a VERY LARGE Ridgeback - the XL blanket he's wearing in this pic is designed & sized to fit the 42"+ chest circumference of an Irish Wolfhound or Scottish Deerhound... now that's a LARGE Ridgeback!  =)

Old School "measuring" trick:  if you don't have an actual clothing style tape measure, simply use a string or anything else will go around the dog's chest, mark that length and then get out your regular ruler.  =)

Now that you've figured out what SIZE is correct for your dog - let's look at the 3 Styles!

Cape Style

Fitted Style

The NEW & Exclusive:
Tuxedo Style


This cape style of lure coursing blanket (sometimes referred to as "saddle" style) goes on the dog very quick and easy via the two straps of soft elastic at the neck and under the stomach.  Each strap of elastic has a generous amount of Velcro to provide for maximum adjustment in both areas (around the neck and at the stomach/waist area) for the best fit.   The elastic moves and stretches with the dog as it runs; the velcro at both the chest and waist provides for a quick and easy release from the dog in the event anything happens while the dog is on the course, running or for other safety purposes such as the dog possibly getting its back foot caught in the waist band during running.

The one caution in ordering this style of blanket is to double check whether your particular sport requires that the entire rib cage of the dog be covered or not, as in some racing venues or sports.

Also remember to order a size large enough so that a lot of color shows on the dog's side as a Judge can not judge what they can not see and the Judge is looking for colors!  When the dog it out in the field kicking up dirt and running its fastest, there needs to be a goodly amount of the blanket color showing from a distance.

The cape style is made of 100% cotton and soft woven cotton elastic chest and waist belts,  

(Although this fabric is colorfast, because of the vibrancy of the color/dyes, it is highly recommended that damp blankets be stored by color separation to prevent possible color bleeding.)

Reminders & Care Instructions:

  • 100% cotton WILL shrink if washed in hot water and/or dried in a hot dryer.
  • Care recommendations are for color separation and individual hand washing and air drying.  Light pressing (and maybe even a light spritzing of spray starch) will help to refresh and make these blankets look like new again.
  • In the event of time worn fading, because they are 100% cotton, they can be re-dyed.


Your order will consist of ONE Set of 3:  one each of yellow, pink & blue:




I make this fitted elastic style of lure coursing blankets from an imported high quality 4-way stretch lycra with cotton woven elastic around the neck, legs and waist.  The lycra is 4-way stretch which has a generous stretch ratio of 1:2, meaning 1" will easily stretch to 2" in any direction but not more.  That does NOT mean, however, that you should order a set of coursing blankets smaller than the size of your dog as while the coursing blanket should fit close to the dog's body, it should not be so tight by being at their maximum stretch width or length nor should the be restrictive in any way ~ they should fit comfortably close to the dog's body.  Neither the lycra nor the elastic will "stretch out after a while" in order to fit your dog after a number of uses.  If you are in doubt that the suggested sizes below will fit your dog, order the next larger size.  The elastic around the leg holes has a similar stretch ratio but not the elastic around the waist.

(PS... this fabric has a real nice but subtle 'sexy sparkle' to it in the sun; it literally glistens! =)

Modelling Credit to "Juweel" in the yellow above;
see more about her at Chiastolite Ridgebacks

When you receive your coursing blankets and put them on your dog the first time, they may look like a close fitting at first glance but a quick "snap test" (stretching the garment about 1" away from the dog's body and letting it snap back into place) will reveal the relaxed and easy stretch of the fabric and the soft woven cotton elastic leg hole openings and waist band.  The elastic around the neck, leg holes and waist should fit so as to keep the blanket fitting close to the body without gaping or flapping and prevent any unwanted interference with the dog's running such as a dog's back foot getting caught in the waistband while it is running.

This photo will easily shows the unrestricted front and shoulder construction of the fitted style.  There is NO interference with the dog running full out!

The colors are vibrant and colorfast ~ however, I personally store each color of my own blankets in separate plastic bags.

As for washing them:  I personally just hand wash them separately in my kitchen sink with a few drops of my regular dish soap, clean water rinse and then just give them about 20 minutes to hang somewhere to air dry.   I keep the colors separate purely to circumvent any possibility of color bleed (especially if they are wet).

Your order will consist of ONE Set of 3:  one each of yellow, pink & blue:

Select Your Size from the dropdown menu below


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I've now perfected the new & exclusive Tuxedo Style.  NO ONE ELSE has this particular style and fabric... this is entirely my design!

The Tux has been debutted at an event, tested in action from the ease with which dog handler dresses the dog, to the dog's freedom of movement, the Judges being able to easily identify colors, how easily & super quick a dog's blanket colors can be changed out and even to the most often 'rough' handling of the blanket itself by the dog owner.  (Sometimes we handlers just get in a big rush and manipulate these blankets - regardless of style - is the harshest of manner.  Its just a fact.)

I actually DID as I suggest to everyone:  I looked at everyone else's various coursing blankets everywhere I went.  I watched the way the owners, dogs & blankets performed, their ease of use and every other factor I could gather info on, ... especially the ease of dressing the dog and/or the efficiency in changing out colors.  I listened to the pros & cons offered by owners about the blankets they were using and heard their suggestions.... And THIS is what I came up with:

Presenting:  my own exclusive design and blanket:


All of the freedom of motion for the dog via absolute minimal fabric restrictions in construction

  • Lightweight fabric (similar to what jersey's are made of) with woven holes in the fabric to provide the most breathable coursing blanket imaginable.  THE perfect blanket for any dog that truly overheats.
  • Easy over the head and no fitting of a particular foot in its corresponding leg-hole - putting this blanket on the dog is one slick & quick movement!
  • NO velcro attached to elastic and the need to adjust the fit with each dog

My same design & construction methods intended to offer the most security for the dog in not being able to get its feet caught in the blanket in any manner, AND the ease with which the dog could "escape" from the jacket in the event of any unforeseen situation

(IMHO - this as the best combination of both the Cape & Fitted Styles - with only the best of each style combined into this one new design)                                                                                                                             

Lure Coursing Gear Proudly presents

its own original design & style -


HIGHLY recommended for long coated breeds!

Your order will consist of ONE Set of 3:  one each of yellow, pink & blue:

Select Your Size from the dropdown menu below

Thanks for checking out my Coursing Blankets ~
please be sure to see
Gear Bag and Slip Leads or
my other Products
to save $$ on shipping costs!

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